Terms and Conditions


Cancellation Policy

Cancellations received before 20th February 2018 will be subject to a cancellation fee of 50% of total cost. Thereafter the full charge will be made for cancellations.  No refund given for cancellation after this date. 


Exhibitors wishing to book accommodation during their stay must arrange this through the Exhibition Organiser. 


Any alcohol to be served on stands must be purchased from Warwick Conferences and exhibitors should book this facility by contacting their Exhibition Organiser at least four weeks prior to the event. 


Exhibitors or their contractors are responsible for transporting and setting up their own equipment. There are Conference Assistants who can give advice and offer some assistance with heavy or difficult packages, however, their availability is not guaranteed. Trolleys are not provided by the venue and we strongly advise that exhibitors bring their own. 


Banners and other types of branding may be allowed in specified areas, however, this will need approval in advance. Any client that has an agreement to hang a banner must carry out a risk assessment and provide a method statement for installation and removal, two weeks prior to the event taking place. 


All social spaces are cleaned daily, however, the cleanliness of exhibition spaces is the responsibility of the venue user. Exhibitors are also responsible for taking away all materials after the event. 


There are limited storage facilities and exhibitors must arrange for collections of all exhibition materials by the advertised get-out time for the exhibition. Any exhibition materials left behind will be logged and attempts will be made to ensure they are collected within one week of the exhibition close date. A charge may be levied to cover administration and storage cost for items not removed on the day the exhibition closes. Any items not collected within two weeks will be disposed of unless suitable arrangements have been made for collection. 


Exhibitors will be held responsible for any damage incurred by whatever means and will be required to make good such damage at their own expense. Exhibitors are strongly recommended to insure themselves against damage to the venue as well as their own stand and equipment. 


The University will only accept deliveries in advance of the event in exceptional circumstances. Please contact your Event Organiser for details. 

Delivery Address:

British Congress of Mathematics Education (BCME) 9

Warwick Conference Park & Events Rootes Building

Gibbet Hill Road

University of Warwick Coventry

CV4 7AL 

Contents labels should: Specify Name and Date of Conference

Specify Contents required for Exhibition*/Registration/Other ** Number of boxes/parcels (e.g. 1 of 10)

(*if Exhibition then specify company/Stand name) (**If Other then specify what the contents are) 

The University will not accept responsibility for lost or damaged items and strongly advises exhibitors to take out necessary insurance cover for items in transit. 


In the case of an emergency, please contact a member of staff who will alert the relevant service. If no member of staff is immediately available please dial 22222 on an internal phone and the emergency services will be automatically contacted by the University Security Services Staff. 


In the event of a fire within the exhibition venue or the fire alarms sounding:

  • Switch off all electrical appliances
  • Exit the building by the nearest fire exit
  • Assemble at the designated assembly point
  • Do not re-enter the building until instructed to do so 

Floors and Walls

No tape must be used on floor or wall areas. Any damage caused will be charged at a level appropriate to cover the cost for complete renovation of the damaged area. 

Get out time

Deadline times for vacating the exhibition venue have been agreed in advance. All exhibition stands and materials must be removed from the exhibition venue by the advertised get out time. 

Health & Safety

“The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974” (HASAWA) applies to all places of work. The University of Warwick has duties under HASAWA and its own Health & Safety policy, which includes provision that persons other than University of Warwick employees are reminded of their responsibilities whilst working in its venues. 

It is the exhibitor’s responsibility to assist in the investigation of any accident or incident in conjunction with The University of Warwick Health & Safety team and to report these as necessary via your Organiser. 

The main areas which must be bought to your attention will include, but will not be restricted to, the following:

  • The understanding of the fire and emergency procedures
  • The need to maintain emergency exits and keep gangways clear
  • Ensuring that good housekeeping is maintained in your work area, thereby minimising risks and allowing other hazards to be identified easily
  • This is not an exhaustive list, but identifies common issues. 

Helium Balloons

Buildings at the University of Warwick are fitted and protected by beam detector technology to ensure fire safety. Balloons are not permitted on exhibition stands or public spaces as they may trigger the fire alarms. There are areas where they can be used and these should be discussed and agreed with your Event Organiser and Warwick Conferences. 


Exhibitors are strongly recommended to insure themselves against damage to the venue as well as their own stand and equipment. 

Internet Hard wired

Hard wired internet access can often be arranged providing at least four weeks notice is given to your Exhibition Organiser, who will also advise of the relevant charges for this facility. This provision is not guaranteed as availability is limited by demand and specific to the location of your event. 

Wi-Fi access

Our Wi-Fi service provides conference delegates/exhibitors with the freedom to use mobile (laptop or handheld) devices to connect to the University network, without needing a fixed or wired connection. Information on how to access the Wi-Fi network can be obtained from any member of the Warwick Conferences Team. 

If using either service for anything more than normal web browsing please inform your Event Organiser. 


We advise all exhibitors that the broadcasting of sound recordings or the playing of video footage without an appropriate licence is not permitted and failure to observe this requirement will result in immediate expulsion from the exhibition venue. Failure to adhere to the law in this matter is a breach of copyright and compromises the University Licensing. 

Lifts for loading / unloading


The service lift for the Mead Gallery is located at the rear of Warwick Arts Centre and is accessible directly   from Gibbet Hill Road and is sign-posted Warwick Arts Centre deliveries. When using the service lift, please ensure that no attempts are made to open the lift doors until the lift car has completely stopped. The Gallery is on the first floor of the building and anything that is too large for the lift cannot get into the exhibition area unless it is broken down and built in situ. There is stair access for items that are too big for the lift but can be carried but access to this route needs to be arranged in advance as it is a secured fire exit. Please speak to the Exhibition Organiser or the venue direct. The dimensions of the lift are detailed below. 

After unloading the set up crew must move their vehicles to one of the allocated car parks. If you are bringing   a large vehicle/lorry to campus then please discuss this with the venue in advance to ensure appropriate parking is available. There is limited space in the unloading area so if too many vehicles arrive at a given time you will be instructed to an alternative parking area until access is available. A time limit of up to 20 minutes is in place. This is managed either on the day or in advance by the event organiser. Please be aware there may be a time delay as other exhibitors are off-loading. 

Access to Butterworth Hall is off University Road at the side of Warwick Arts Centre and is sign-posted Butterworth Hall loading bay. This is on ground level. Please note that trolleys are not provided. Please be aware that parking on the road is not permitted. Only one vehicle can park and off-load at any one time.