Informal Proceedings

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Sue Pope, BCME9 Programme chair

It has been a great pleasure to edit the BCME9 Informal Proceedings. They give an indication of the remarkably rich programme available to participants 3 to 6 April 2018.

The refereed papers are being edited by members of BSRLM and will be available later in the year.

Sincere thanks to all the contributors.

Individual Submissions

 01 - The New Jericho: Why we must break down the walls of the mathematics classroom - Graeme Austin

Keywords: mathematics in context; real world; real-life

 02 - Reasons to Reason in Primary Mathematics and Science - Alison Borthwick

Keywords: reasoning; thinking; mathematics; science; primary

03 - Different Problem – Same Answer! - John Burke

Keywords: problem solving; invariants; proof; age 11-16; differentiation

04 - How did Euclid and Archimedes manage without calculus? - Bob Burn

Keywords: history of mathematics, Euclid, Archimeded, calculus

05 - The pedagogy of an asynchronous online course: supporting students’ engagement - Cosette Crisan

Keywords: asynchronous; online; active learning

06 - How might the Numberlink Board™ be used to develop deep conceptual understanding of multiplication through exposing structure and making connections? - Katie Crozier

Keywords: Numberlink Board; learning multiplication; multiplicand; structure; double number line

07 - How do online professional learning courses compare with face-to-face? - Sue de Pomerai and Sharon Tripconey, Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI)

Keywords: professional development; online learning; teacher education; teacher educators

08 - Dynamo Assessment - what it may tell us about primary school children's mathematics - Ann Dowker and Karima Esmail

Keywords: mathematical development; mathematical difficulties; assessment; primary school children; number concepts; arithmetic

09 - Catch Up® Numeracy: An intervention for children struggling with numeracy - Ann Dowker and Graham Sigley

Keywords: mathematical difficulties; young children; intervention; arithmetic; number concepts

10 - Is there a ‘crisis of statistics’? A discussion and some suggestions for teaching - Jeff Evans 

Keywords: statistics; representativeness; causation; big data; data analytics; identity; social media; globalisation; technology companies

11 - Royal Institution Primary Mathematics Masterclass Programme: Launch of “Off the Shelf” (OTS) Masterclasses - Alison Eves and Sam Durbin

Keywords: mathematics enrichment; outreach; key stage 2; extra-curricular; inspirational

12 - The Culturally Responsive mathematical Mathematics Teacher Educator: Exploring cultural responses to a symbol and implications on pedagogy - Helen Farmery

Keywords: culture; cultural responsivity; ethnomathematics; symbol; semiotic

13 - Mapping Diagrams: Four Sessions, One Theme. Using Mapping Diagrams in Algebra, Calculus, and Complex Analysis - Martin Flashman

Keywords: mapping diagram; function; equation; linear; quadratic; cubic; calculus; integration; complex analysis; visualisation

14 - Inspiring Ideas for Maths Clubs - Emily Fleming, Chris Clarke and Kelly Pickerill

Keywords: Maths Clubs; Maths Camps; low-resource teaching; international collaboration; Kenya mathematics

15 - Extension materials for Years 4-8 - Tony Gardiner

Keywords: primary to secondary mathematics; extension material; expectations

16 - The PRAC Taxonomy for Formal Mathematical Assessments - Julian Gilbey and David Robson

Keywords: conceptual versus routine thinking; creativity in mathematics; algorithmic procedures; assessing problem solving

17 - Algorithms Alcatraz: Are children prisoners of process? - Ray Huntley and Chris Hurst

Keywords: primary mathematics; multiplicative thinking

18 - Finding the adult in adults learning mathematics: an academic and political study - David Kaye

Keywords: numeracy; adult education; non-traditional student; lifelong learning; ICME13

19 - Using NRICH tasks to develop resilient problem solvers - Alison Kiddle and Charlie Gilderdale

Keywords: Resilience; Problem-solving; Rich Tasks

20 - Preparing Students for Mathematical Olympiads - Jeremy D. King

Keywords: Mathematical Olympiads; British Mathematical Olympiads

21 - Learning mathematics with origami - Sue Pope and Tung Ken Lam

Keywords: origami, practical geometry, problem-solving

22 - Mathematical Resilience Workshop - Clare Lee, Sue Johnston-Wilder, Stephen Pardoe, Sarah Richards, Janet Baker, Holly Heshmati and Joyce Nyama

Key words: Mathematical Resilience; emotions in learning; perezhivanie; perseverance

23 - Progression towards open access environments in the teaching of statistics to non-specialists in medicine and allied health sciences and to promote statistical literacy within schools - Margaret MacDougall

Keywords: non-specialist learners; open access learning resources; self-paced learning; statistical knowledgebase; statistical learning; undergraduate medicine

24 - Third Chances in Education - David Martin 

Keywords: U3A; mathematics; statistics; geragogy; lifelong learning;

25 - Supporting students preparing for university admission tests and STEP - Claire Metcalfe

Keywords: STEP; university admission tests; University of Cambridge; A level; further mathematics; higher education

26 - Lesson study, professional development and the development of mathematical and pedagogical understanding. - Siân Morgan and David Swanson

Keywords: lesson study (LS); professional development (PD); mathematical concepts; pedagogical concepts.

27 - Teaching Problem-solving in the Primary Classroom: the ITE Perspective - Helen Farmery and Anne T. Mulligan

Keywords: problem-solving; primary mathematics; initial teacher education (ITE)

29 - Connected A Level Programmes of Study - Dominic Oakes

Keywords: A level; connections; dependency; programme of study

28 - English Secondary Mathematics Teachers and Digital Technology - Alison Parish

Keywords: secondary mathematics; teachers; digital technologies

29 - The Missing or Unknown Polyhedra - Adrian Pinel

Keywords: polyhedra; practical geometry; problem-solving

30 - Using the history of mathematics to inspire and motivate learning - Sue Pope

Keywords: history of mathematics; motivation; learning

31 - An Appeal to the Visual in Algebra - Chris Pritchard 

Keywords: algebra; factorisation; visual representation

 32 - Some Calendar Problems - Anthony C. Robin

Keywords: calendar; day of the week; date of full moon; date of Easter

33 - Promoting Mathematics Literacy in Europe - Jaime Carvalho e Silva

Keywords: mathematics literacy; mathematics for the citizen; science museums; mathematics day

34 - First Language Interference: a guide for teachers of mathematics - Jenny Stacey 

Keywords: EAL; FE; adult learners; language for learning

35 - Archimedes’ best ideas - Paul Stephenson

Keywords: physical model; mathematical model; argument by exhaustion

36 - Lazy Teaching with Active Learners - John Suffolk

Keywords: practical mathematics; learning by doing; kinaesthetic learning

37 - Fluency through reasoning - Ruth Trundley

Keywords: fluency; reasoning; thinking; decision making; noticing

38 - Concept-Based Mathematics: Teaching for Deep Understanding - Jennifer Chang Wathall

Keywords: concept-based; inquiry-based learning; understanding

39 - Challenging the fear: a framework for addressing anxiety in adults learning mathematics - Karen Wicks

Keywords: mathematics; attitudes; perceptions; confidence; understanding; teaching

40 - Topics taught by trainee secondary mathematics teachers - Simon Woodage

Keywords: teacher education; lesson aims and objectives

41 - Whispering Away Maths Anxiety - Henri Yeoman (nee Plag)

Keywords: maths anxiety; confidence; KS3; self-reflection