Past Conferences


BCME is a celebration of mathematics education organised by the JMC participating societies. It is currently held every four years between ICME (International Congress on Mathematical Education) conferences. BCME provides an opportunity to promote mathematics and the improvement of the teaching of mathematics at all levels. The past BCME conferences were

  • BCME1:  University of Loughborough (1991)
  • BCME2:  University of Leeds (1993)
  • BCME3:  Manchester Metropolitan University (1995)
  • BCME4:  Nene College Northampton (1999)
  • BCME5:  Keele University (2001)
  • BCME6:  University of Warwick (2005)
  • BCME7:  University of Manchester (2010)
  • BCME8:  University of Nottingham (2014)
  • BCME 9: University of Warwick (2018) 
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