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Session Leader Name Session Number Session Media Summary  Information available to:
Martin Flashman A20 Visualize the solution of equations,quadratic to quartic: GeoGebra mapping diagrams for functions of real and complex numbers.   All delegates 
Judith Hornigold B20 Dyscalculia and Singapore Maths- The Perfect Match? How the approaches behind Singapore Maths can present the perfect solution for learners with dyscalculia. Delegates attending the session
Antal A. Jarai B30 Poster explaining the games I will present. Journal reference: All delegates 
Martin Flashman D20 Visualize solving quadratic equations- from the Greeks to the 21st Century with Geogebra All delegates 
David Martin D9 Notes for session D9 'Third  chances in Education' This session discusses the role of the U3A in Education in retirement.    Delegates attending the session
Jenny Stacey D9 Jenny runs a website for Mathematics teachers with non first language English speakers in their classes which contains information, and some ideas for resources. Delegates attending the session
Martin Flashman E20 Make sense of complex analysis with mapping diagrams using 3D-GeoGebra.  All delegates 
Christine Lenghaus E23 Teaching multiplication and division using visual models from times tables through to polynomial division and everrything in between! Delegates attending the session
Tony Gardiner E25 BCME background reading Delegates attending the session
Margaret MacDougall F3 Prior to session F3, please access StatsforMedics ( Register or login via Facebook using your own password. Then refer to the page 'Preview of placemats for BCME 2018 session F3' (see left-hand margin). The password is for this page is BCME_del_F3. All delegates 
Cathy Smith G17 What do we know about girls choosing and doing mathematics? Trusted teacher relationships matter; awareness of career pathways matters; social supported for mathematical challenge matters Delegates attending the session
Jeremy King G7 I will be discussing the attached BMO1 paper in particular Delegates attending the session
Alison Kiddle and Charlie Gilderdale H11 Web page on NRICH with resources for the session. All delegates 
Martin Flashman H20 Make sense of calculus integration with mapping diagrams using GeoGebra. All delegates 
Tony Gardiner H30 BCME background reading Delegates attending the session
Paul Stephenson H31 Through his deep understanding of the lever Archimedes was able to found the sciences of statics, hydrostatics and the mensuration of curved solids. Delegates attending the session
Nikki Gupta H8 'I understand the answer, but how did you know that this is what you were supposed to do?' Problem Solving skills are learnable here.  Delegates attending the session
Irene Biza I10a MathTASK -Transforming aspirations of mathematics teachers into strategies in context is a collaborative research and development programme on secondary mathematics teachers’ pedagogical and mathematical discourses. All delegates 
Kitty Meeks I21 I will demonstrate two "Graph Theory on the Farm" activities; full details of all these activities are available via the weblink. All delegates 
Eirini Geraniou I23 Looking at research anecdotes, we will discuss the idea of students' mathematical digital competency and a potential framework for such competencies. Delegates attending the session
Charlotte Wilkinson I29 Copies of activities used or referred to during the session. Delegates attending the session
Douglas Butler ICT STRAND: A1, B1, C1, D1, E1, F1, G1, H1, Ii, Ji   All delegates